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What is a Deduper? A "deduper" de-duplicates, that is removes duplicate files. But the Embroidery Deduper does much more - read on!

The Embroidery Deduper is a very smart piece of software that will unzip your files, detect and delete exact duplicates, and remove unwanted formats.

Did you know if you keep all available formats for your embroidery designs that 5 designs can use up to 1 MB of space on your computer? If you have 500 designs that could be 100 MB, and if you have 5000 designs that could use up 1000 MB or 1GB! If you're like me, you have many more designs and they are taking up a lot of room and slowing down your computer.

So what do you do about it?

Keep only the format(s) you need of course!

But going through every folder, unzipping every file, and deleting the formats you don't need can be very time-consuming and tedious. Most of us get bored and frustrated and give up, hoping to finish it another time.

Well guess what?! We have found the solution!

The Embroidery Deduper is the ONLY solution to eliminate duplicate embroidery designs and files, while automatically extracting your Zip and RAR files.

Here are some highlights of The Embroidery Deduper's many features :
  • Automatically scans your embroidery folders and detects and removes duplicate files. Just choose your embroidery folders and start it! It will identify duplicate files even if the filenames are different. It allows you to keep duplicates across category folders, so if you want your lace ornament in the "lace" folder and the "Christmas" folder you can do that.

  • Automatically keeps your most preferred embroidery file format for each design and eliminates the less preferred formats.
  • Automatically extracts RAR and Zip files and dedups those as well. It even handles nested archives of unlimited depth.

  • You can have your RAR and Zip files saved to another location, such as a portable hard drive, keeping your files and the zips in separate locations as a safety precaution in case of computer failure.

  • Automatically identifies potentially corrupt archive files and puts them in an isolated quarantine folder, for your later review.

  • Preference settings such as Duplicate Detection Level, duplicate preservation, quarantine location and preferred format settings are fully customizable and can be saved as defaults or on a per-project basis.

  • It's Fast! The Embroidery Deduper can process thousands of files in a matter of seconds. Speeds exceeding 200 files / second are not uncommon, depending on your system configuration, duplicate file density and number of archive files.

  • Drag and Drop capability. Simply set your preferences, drag the folder you want to clean up and drop it into the Embroidery Deduper window, press the "Begin Dedup!" button and you're off! It's that simple! You can save the project to a project file, making it even simpler in the future!
The Embroidery Deduper is the fastest and most thorough way to tidy up your embroidery folders. It's the perfect tool to clean up your "Downloads" folder before you categorize your designs.

The Embroidery Deduper is one of the best investments you can make for your embroidery hobby or business! It will save you countless hours of frustration and boredom. Start getting your designs under control and organized today!

* Licensing is on a per-computer basis and is distributed by internet download. Your license key will be emailed within 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder if you haven't received it.

* It is highly recommended that you read the Deduper Frequently Asked Questions page before purchasing.

* Because of the nature of electronic media, all sales are final. No refunds.

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